Badmotorfinger Ltd Ed Silver 2LP

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We found 110 more copies! As a special option, the 2-LP vinyl will also be available in metallic silver color vinyl for 1,000 lucky fans exclusively at,, and – first come, first served. 2-LP, 180-gram audiophile edition of the remastered original album expanded to a gatefold jacket with a removable, limited edition 3D lenticular silver foil litho cover, 25th anniversary vinyl etching on side four and a download card for a digital edition of the album in 320kbps MP4 AAC files.

Original Album Remastered
Side One
1. Rusty Cage
2. Outshined
3. Slaves & Bulldozers
4. Jesus Christ Pose

Side Two
1. Face Pollution
2. Somewhere
3. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
4. Room A Thousand Years Wide

Side Three
1. Mind Riot
2. Drawing Flies
3. Holy Water
4. New Damage

Side Four
25th Anniversary Vinyl Etching