The Complete Decca Studio Albums - CD Box Set

Engelbert Humperdinck

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All the Decca albums released together for the first time in one luxurious CD boxset. With 150 million record sales to date, this collection of Decca studio album releases spans 7 years and tells the story of the first period of Engelbert Humperdinck's long and successful career.To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his hit record 'Release Me' Decca will release an 11 disc luxurious boxset, perfect for the collector and fan. He is best known for his songs "Release Me" and "The Last Waltz", both singles topping the UK music charts in 1967 and selling in large enough numbers to help the singer achieve "the rare feat of scoring two million sellers in one year. Tastes were changing as the tastemakers ruled on what we listened to on the radio. But as has been repeatedly proved, great singers can have long careers and Engelbert has shown time and time again that he has staying power and that he can deliver. THE ACCOMPANYING 12 PAGE BOOKLET INCLUDES: Introduction to Engelbert and his work during his Decca years written by esteemed music writer, Richard Havers. Original photos

Disc 1 - Release Me

  1. Release Me 
  2. Quiet Nights 
  3. Yours Until Tomorrow 
  4. There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)
  5. This Is My Song 
  6. Misty Blue 
  7. Take My Heart 
  8. How Near Is Love 
  9. Walk Through The World With Me 
  10. If I Were You 
  11. Talking Love 
  12. My World (Il Mondo) 
  13. Ten Guitars

Disc 2 - The Last Waltz

  1. The Last Waltz 
  2. Dance With Me 
  3. Two Different Worlds 
  4. If It Comes To That 
  5. Walk Hand In Hand 
  6. A Place In The Sun 
  7. Long Gone 
  8. All This World And The Seven Seas 
  9. Miss Elaine E. S. Jones 
  10. Everybody Knows (We're Through) 
  11. Nature Boy 
  12. To The Ends Of The Earth

Disc 3 - A Man Without Love

  1. A Man Without Love 
  2. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 
  3. From Here To Eternity 
  4. Spanish Eyes 
  5. A Man And A Woman 
  6. Quando, Quando, Quando 
  7. Up, Up And Away 
  8. Wonderland By Night 
  9. What A Wonderful World 
  10. Call On Me 
  11. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 
  12. The Shadow Of Your Smile 

Disc 4 - Engelbert

  1. Love Can Fly 
  2. Love Was Here Before The Stars 
  3. Don't Say No (Again) 
  4. Let Me Into Your Life 
  5. Through The Eyes Of Love 
  6. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize 
  7. The Way It Used To Be 
  8. Marry Me 
  9. To Get To You 
  10. You're Easy To Love 
  11. True 
  12. A Good Thing Going

Disc 5 - Engelbert Humperdinck

  1. I'm A Better Man (For Having Loved You) 
  2. Gentle On My Mind 
  3. Love Letters 
  4. A Time For Us
  5. Didn't We 
  6. I Wish You Love 
  7. Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In 
  8. All You've Gotta Do Is Ask 
  9. The Signs Of Love 
  10. Cafe 
  11. Let's Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 
  12. Winter World Of Love

Disc 6 - We Made It Happen

  1. We Made It Happen 
  2. My Cherie Amour 
  3. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 
  4. Love Me With All Your Heart 
  5. Words 
  6. Something 
  7. Everybody's Talkin' 
  8. Love For Love (Ciao, My Love)
  9. Just Say I Love Her 
  10. Wand'rin' Star 
  11. My Wife The Dancer 
  12. Leaving On A Jet Plane

Disc 7 - Sweetheart

  1. Sweetheart 
  2. California Maiden 
  3. Woman In My Life 
  4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 
  5. Take Me For Now Love 
  6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
  7. Santa Lija (Sogno D'Amore) 
  8. Live And Just Let Live 
  9. For The Good Times 
  10. Put Your Hand In The Hand 
  11. When There's No You

Disc 8 - Another Time, Another Place

  1. Another Time, Another Place 
  2. Help Me Make It Through The Night 
  3. Our Love Will Rise Again 
  4. Talk It Over In The Morning 
  5. There's An Island 
  6. Revivin' Old Emotions 
  7. Nashville Lady 
  8. Morning 
  9. Twenty Miles From Home 
  10. Days Of Icy Fingers 
  11. I'm Holding Your Memory

Disc 9 - In Time

  1. Baby I'm A Want You 
  2. Day After Day 
  3. Too Beautiful To Last 
  4. (They Long To Be) Close To You 
  5. Without You 
  6. Girl Of Mine 
  7. Time After Time 
  8. In Time 
  9. I'm Together Again 
  10. Life Goes On 
  11. I Never Said Goodbye

Disc 10 - Engelbert, King of Hearts

  1. My Summer Song 
  2. I'm Stone In Love With You 
  3. Do I Love You 
  4. Somebody Waiting 
  5. The Most Beautiful Girl 
  6. I'm Leavin' You 
  7. Will You Be Here When I Wake Up In The Morning
  8. Eternally 
  9. Only Your Love 
  10. That's What It's All About 
  11. Songs We Sang Together

Disc 11 - My Love

  1. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 
  2. And I Love You So 
  3. Photograph 
  4. Free As The Wind 
  5. My Love 
  6. Catch Me, I'm Falling 
  7. Killing Me Softly With His Song 
  8. Show And Tell 
  9. Thankful For You 
  10. Second Tuesday In December