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LIMITED EDITION 180-Gram 13-LP Vinyl Box Set with Exclusive Bonus Content, Newly Remastered from the Original Master Tapes by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner and Scott Sedillo, supervised by Michael “Miguel” Happoldt.

The Sublime vinyl box set collects the Long Beach, California band’s three main studio albums, 1992’s double-platinum 40 Oz. To Freedom, 1994’s gold Robbin’ The Hood, and 1996’s five-times platinum Sublime, in 180-gram 2-LP gatefold plus 3D lenticular cover art editions, plus 1997’s platinum certified Second-Hand Smoke (2-LP), and 1998’s Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends (1-LP) and Stand By Your Van: Live (2-LP) in 180-gram pressings which are exclusive to the set. For the box set’s exclusive 2-LP edition of Stand By Your Van: Live, the album has been expanded with five bonus live tracks featured on the previously released CD and an etched image of Lou Dog on Side 4. 

The box set also features an exclusive, expanded 2-LP gatefold edition of Sublime’s first-ever Skunk Records release, 1991’s Jah Won’t Pay The Bills, which was originally issued only on cassette (the album was recently reissued on cassette and, for the first time, on 1-LP vinyl for Record Store Day 2016). The set’s expanded 2-LP gatefold edition of Jah Won’t Pay The Bills includes 10 additional tracks from the album’s studio sessions and expanded artwork. The box set also includes two lithographs of artwork created by Sublime fans/artists, recently showcased at the Sublime 20 Year Anniversary exhibit presented by the Sullen Art Collective and an exclusive Sublime-inspired turntable mat.

The LIMITED EDITION Sublime vinyl box set includes the following remastered 180g LPs and exclusive bonus content:

  • 40 Oz. To Freedom [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
  • Robbin’ The Hood [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
  • Sublime [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
  • Second-Hand Smoke [gatefold 2-LP]
  • Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends [1-LP]
  • Stand By Your Van: Live [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
  • Jah Won’t Pay The Bills [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
  • Exclusive Sublime turntable mat
  • Shadow box mimicking Sublime’s classic tour van which houses all of the above
  • Limited to 1,000 units worldwide