Montage of Heck - Super Deluxe Version - CD+DVD Box Set

Kurt Cobain

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Simultaneously billed as the first Kurt Cobain solo album and the soundtrack to Brett Morgan's 2015 documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck , this mangled beast of a record is indeed both. No other records are credited to Kurt Cobain, and this album, in either its single- or double-disc edition, wouldn't exist if Morgan hadn't stumbled upon a cache of homemade cassettes when researching his film. An unflinching, intimate portrait of the young artist at work, Montage of Heck is cobbled together from home recordings, some previously leaked on Nirvana bootlegs in the '90s (mainly the Outcesticide series), that come tantalizing close to taking the form of a rough demo but are amorphous enough to be called "free form" or "experimental." Cobain made these tapes with no expectation they'd ever be heard. Based on a few, including the opening "The Yodel Song," it's likely he never considered the tape again after he pressed the stop button. Certainly, there's some historical merit in exploring early drafts, demos, and outtakes from an important figure, particularly when it comes to the handful of demos ("Clean Up Before She Comes," "Sappy," "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle") here.. [A Super Deluxe Version included the two-hour feature film on DVD and Blu-Ray, a 31-track deluxe soundtrack on CD and cassette, almost an hour's worth of bonus interviews, a hardbound book with more interviews and photos, a 12"x12" double-sided puzzle in its own tin, an 18"x24" double-sided movie poster, collectable 5"x7" double-sided postcards, and a bookmark.]

Montage Of Heck DVD/BluRay


  1. The Yodel Song
  2. Been A Son (Early Demo)
  3. What More Can I Say
  4. 1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial
  5. The Happy Guitar
  6. Montage Of Kurt
  7. Beans
  8. Burn The Rain
  9. Clean Up Before She Comes (Early Demo)
  10. Reverb Experiment
  11. Montage Of Kurt II
  12. Rehash
  13. You Can't Change Me/Burn My Britches/Something In The Way (Early Demo)
  14. Scoff (Early Demo)
  15. Aberdeen
  16. Bright Smile
  17. Underground Celebritism
  18. Retreat
  19. Desire
  20. And I Love Her
  21. Sea Monkeys
  22. Sappy (Early Demo)
  23. Letters To Frances
  24. Scream
  25. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Demo)
  26. Kurt Ambiance
  27. She Only Lies
  28. Kurt Audio Collage
  29. Poison's Gone
  30. Rhesus Monkey
  31. Do Re Mi (Medley)