Maladroit - Vinyl LP


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Few bands emerged as fully formed as Weezer, the Southern California band that would quickly shake the world with its reimagined vision of rock ‘n’ roll. With 17 million albums sold worldwide, and two LPs on Rolling Stone’s list of most influential ever made, the L.A. quartet helmed by singer-guitarist Rivers Cuomo proved to be as popular as they are pioneering. 2002's Maladroit album is pressed on standard 120-gram vinyl.

Side A

  1. American Gigolo
  2. Dope Nose
  3. Keep Fishin'
  4. Take Control
  5. Death And Destruction
  6. Slob

Side B

  1. Burndt Jamb
  2. Space Rock
  3. Slave
  4. Fall Together
  5. Possibilities
  6. Love Explosion