Lovehatetragedy - Vinyl LP

Papa Roach

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Release date: September 8, 2017

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To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Papa Roach's 2002 album 'Lovehatetragedy', which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide, the record will receive its first ever release on vinyl. The album features the International hit 'She Loves Me Not' and single 'Time and Time Again'.

Side A

  1. M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
  2. Life Is a Bullet
  3. Time and Time Again
  4. Walking Thru Barbed Wire
  5. Decompression Period
  6. Born with Nothing, Die with Everything

Side B

  1. She Loves Me Not
  2. Singular Indestructible Droid
  3. Black Clouds
  4. Code of Energy
  5. Lovehatetragedy