Look What The Cat Dragged In - Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Picture Disc - Vinyl LP


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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Poison's classic debut album Look What The Cat Dragged In with this exclusive limited edition picture LP pressing. The image is the classic album cover featuring band members Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall and C.C. DeVille. The LP is packaged in a heavy weight clear plastic sleeve.

Side A

  1. Cry Tough
  2. I Want Action
  3. I Won't Forget You
  4. Play Dirty
  5. Look What The Cat Dragged In

Side B

  1. Talk Dirty To Me
  2. Want Some, Need Some
  3. Blame It On You
  4. #1 Bad Boy
  5. Let Me Go To The Show