Labyrinth Soundtrack - Limited Edition Color Vinyl LP [Lavender]

David Bowie

Trevor Jones

$ 35.00 

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Release date: August 4, 2017

Due to popular demand, we created two limited edition color versions of the classic soundtrack. This version is available on lavender vinyl. Only 500 copies available in the US, only through uDiscover.

Side A

  1. Opening Titles Including Underground (Music by Trevor Jones, Lyrics by Bowie)
  2. Into the Labyrinth (Jones)
  3. Magic Dance (Bowie)
  4. Sarah (Jones)
  5. Hallucination (Jones)

Side B

  1. As the World Falls Down (Bowie)
  2. The Goblin Battle (Jones)
  3. Within You (Bowie)
  4. Thirteen O'Clock (Jones)
  5. Home at Last (Jones)
  6. Underground (Bowie)