Gone Troppo - Vinyl LP

George Harrison

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Release date: February 24, 2017

Gone Troppo, issued on Dark Horse Records in November 1982, would prove to be Harrison's last studio album for five years, during which he largely took an extended hiatus from his recording career. The album title, Gone Troppo, was an Australian slang expression meaning "gone mad/crazy" and also a reference to the Italian term 'non troppo', used in tempo markings and meaning 'not too much'. Billboard said of Gone Troppo: "Harrison's sunny lyricism shines brightest when least encumbered by self-consciousness, and here that equation yields a breezy, deceptively eclectic charmer".

Side A

  1. Wake Up My Love
  2. That's The Way It Goes
  3. I Really Love You
  4. Greece
  5. Gone Troppo

Side B

  1. Mystical One
  2. Unknown Delight
  3. Baby Don't Run Away
  4. Dream Away
  5. Circles