Crowded House - CD Set

Crowded House

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  • Crowded House - CD Set
  • Crowded House - CD Set

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The deluxe 2CD reissue of the band's debut album. Bonus disc feature 17 tracks, 16 of which has never been released.

  1. Mean To Me 
  2. World Where You Live 
  3. Now We’re Getting Somewhere 
  4. Don’t Dream It’s Over 
  5. Love You ‘Til The Day I Die 
  6. Something So Strong 
  7. Hole In The River 
  8. Can’t Carry On 
  9. Tombstone 
  10. That’s What I Call Love 

Bonus Disc

  1. Something So Strong (home demo)
  2. Hole In The River (studio demo)
  3. Love You 'Til The Day I Die (home demo)
  4. That's What I Call Love (studio demo)
  5. Can't Carry On (studio demo)
  6. Walking On The Pier (studio demo)
  7. Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend (studio demo)
  8. Oblivion (studio demo)
  9. Walking On The Spot (studio demo)
  10. Something So Strong (studio demo)
  11. Now We’re Getting Somewhere (studio demo)
  12. Stranger Underneath Your Skin (home demo)
  13. Don’t Dream It’s Over (home demo)
  14. Left Hand (live)
  15. Grabbing By The Handful (live)
  16. World Where You Live (writing demo)
  17. Recurring Dream (original version)*

*previously released