Badmotorfinger - 25th Anniversary Reissue - CD


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Beloved Seattle rock band, Soundgarden, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 2x platinum album, Badmotorfinger, with four special reissues including a newly remastered version of the original album. This 1CD remastered edition - with enhanced art - converts the original plastic jewel case into a gatefold softpak with the original cover and six-panel folder design included. Originally released on October 8th, 1991, Badmotorfinger spawned three singles that have become iconic songs of rock: "Jesus Christ Pose", "Outshined" and "Rusty Cage".

  1. Rusty Cage
  2. Outshined
  3. Slaves & Bulldozers
  4. Jesus Christ Pose
  5. Face Pollution
  6. Somewhere
  7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  8. Room A Thousand Years Wide
  9. Mind Riot
  10. Drawing Flies
  11. Holy Water
  12. New Damage