Elliott Smith "XO" (White & Black Marbled Vinyl)

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Only 500 pressed on standard weight vinyl for the world. Available only through uDiscover. LP white and black marbled vinyl.

Universally hailed upon release, XO topped best of lists in 1998 and continues to resonate, as powerfully moving as ever, nearly 20 years later. The album is consistently included on greatest albums list and is featured on Spin’s “Top 125 Albums of the Past 25 Years” and Pitchfork’s “Top 100 Albums of the 1990s.” Praising the album, Pitchfork wrote, “Elliott Smith used his DreamWorks debut, XO, as an opportunity to further focus the emotional power of his previous releases. Melancholy and grandiosity may seem mutually exclusive, but on XO, they're combined to wonderful effect, each crystalline guitar line and majestic piano arpeggio adding momentum and depth to Smith's gorgeous and impassioned vocals.”

A1 Sweet Adeline 3:13
A2 Tomorrow Tomorrow3:09
A3 Waltz #2 (XO) 4:38
A4 Baby Britain 3:11
A5 Pitseleh 3:23
A6 Independence Day 3:03
A7 Bled White 3:19
B1 Waltz #1 3:20
B2 Amity 2:18
B3 Oh Well, Okay 2:29
B4 Bottle Up And Explode! 2:48
B5 A Question Mark 2:39
B6 Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands 4:26
B7 I Didn't Understand 2:17